After 20+ years of fabulous parties, great work, blood, sweat and tears, our Founder Kelly Kearney has RETIRED! We thank her and wish her well in the land of retirement! The new owners; Jeff Rosen and Erin Traylor are long time Bay Area food and hospitality pros so please trust you are in GOOD hands! 🙂 Chef Laurie Reffitt got her start at one of San Francisco’s renown Hot Spot, Stars, under Chef Jeremiah Tower. She later went on to open One Market with Bradley Ogden. Chef Katy Kenney sharpened her chops at Square One in SF, then the Townhouse in Emeryville, later she met Kelly in Alameda, where, they realized she would be a perfect fit for our sunrise staff. Chef Phillip Cha joined the staff with a vast knowledge of everything from Argentinean fair to the perfect lemon curd, but we love it most, that he can bring our computer back to life, and always seems to have 2 cans of ‘fix a flat’ in his car, now that’s a jack of all traits! Heather Thiel is leading light in the San Francisco Bay Area’s vegan, gluten free, and nutritionally based food movement. Educated at the California Culinary Academy in Baking and Pastry Arts and with 15 years experience in food production, menu design, marketing and sales, Heather brings her passion for wholesome baking to the Pacific Fine Foods

Kelly Kearney along side her inspiration.

From left to right: Chef Katy, Nyanda, Sofia and Chef Laurie, Terry
Hangar 1 Servers, Treasurer Kevin, Crepe Suzette and Niece Kylie

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